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HostMaza Support Blog Forum Web Hosting Tutorials in India

To know the difference between cPanel and DirectAdmin, we need to know about them.

So let’s start

What is cPanel and DirectAdmin ?

In simple language they are Web Hosting Control Panel, means we can manage our Web Hosting server via them.

As we use Windows or MAC as our desktop computer on our daily life. They can do same type of work and also they have difference also.

Before going to the difference we first discuss about why they are same, with this we will also learn about their use cases.

So, why they are same?

We use them to Manage Web Hosting or to host our websites.

They have almost same features or functions.

Both mostly used on Linux server environments and also for php sites.

Why they are different ?

They are from different company.

cPanel is more stronger and easy to use.

cPanel is too much costly but Directadmin is not that much.

cPanel is mostly used Control Panel and every end user want cPanel.

Directadmin is now becoming popular now a days because of multiple price hike of cPanel that is simply not affordable.

So what we can say both are almost same at work and Directadmin is cheaper than cPanel.

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